Programming Languages

Protrader AlgoStudio provides algorithmic traders with scripts developing environment on Microsoft C# and MetaQuotes MQL4(tm) languages. Trader can choose any .NET Framework version for your C# code that is compatible with the version of the trading platform. Additional dlls can be accessed from the root (installation) folder. AlgoStudio supports the original MQL4 version (MQL 4.5 extensions are not allowed) up to the 509 build. Unmanaged dlls are also supported as MeaTrader does.

Real Time Statictic

Control your scripts in real-time with the Trading System List. The strategy performance information updates instantly so you can monitor statistics without missing important issues.

Strategy Testing

Once you have created your own expert advisors, monitor how they perform on real market data using the Trading System List panel. From here you can run scripts and intervene at anytime. When done testing in demo you can start algo trading on a real live account.

Walk-Forward Optimisation

Walk forward optimisation will help you to emulate the real process of data processing.

Multi Targets for Optimisation

Identify a few optimisation purposes with different weights to get the desired results.

Comprehensive Statistic

Detailed statistic of a strategy performance is presented in a wide range of measurements in both table and graphical views. It gives you insight into a strategy's weaknesses and strengths.

Visualised Back-Testing

Nothing is more exciting than watching your code as it is running. With visualised back testing, you can watch all the trading results directly on the Chart in real time. You can also control the speed of back testing.